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    Clerk and Recorder

    Clerk/Recorder: Brenda Wood
    Deputy Clerk/Recorder: Debbie Wyrick
    Clerk: Cindy Irgens
    Clerk: Kathy Newell
    Clerk: Kimberly Jensen
    Clerk: Kelsey Phillips

    Address: 10 West Fallon Avenue, PO Box 846, Baker, MT 59313
    Phone: (406) 778-7106
    Fax: (406) 778-2048
    E-mail: falloncc@midrivers.com

    Duties: The Clerk & Recorder Office is responsible for county accounts payable, payroll, elections and document records/recordings (birth, deaths, mortgages, land transfers, etc.). The office also provides secretarial services for the Fallon County Commission.

    Information Services:
    Document Fee Schedule
    Birth Certificates
    Death Certificates
    Document Standards
    Encroachment Permit Form
    Montana Association of Counties
    Montana Laws Searchable by Topic

    Travel Expense Voucher & Instructions