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    County/City Planner

    County of Fallon
    City of Baker
    Town of Plevna

    Forrest Sanderson, Contracted Planner & Floodplain Coordinator, KLJ

    Mary Grube
    Administrative Assistant
    10 West Fallon Ave.
    P.O. Box 1134
    Baker, MT. 59313

    Contact Information:
    Office: (406)778-7111
    Cell: (406)978-8111
    E-mail: grubem@falloncounty.net

    Planning Department Process for Subdivision
    Applications & Staff Reports

    Fallon County Planning Board

    Agenda - Fallon Planning Board: 7/10/17 @ 7PM

    Public Hearing Notices:

    Subdivision Regulations

    Floodplain Permit Notice for Upper Baker Lake Reservoir

    Subdivisions Under Review:
    Permit Forms, Fee Information and Regulation Data
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