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O’Fallon Museum Board – Meeting Minutes January 2024

O’Fallon Museum Board – Meeting Minutes January 2024

O’Fallon Museum Board


January 17, 2024

Present Absent Toni Reetz, Trustee

Linda Rost, Secretary

Melissa Rost, Curator

Curt Williams, Chairman

Ken Griffith, Trustee

Cheyanne Dame, Trustee


The meeting was called to order by Curt at 4:06 pm at the O’Fallon Museum metal building.

Public Comment:  Time limit 10 minutes per subject.

Minutes: Read by trustees. 

Toni made a motion to approve minutes and Curt seconded. Minutes approved.

Discussion of Curator’s Report

  • Blackfeet Tipi Legends brought back to Billings – were excited about the photos
  • Christmas in the Park – decently attended with games; very short-handed; used donations funds to buy ornaments for kids
  • Eastern Montana Mental Health Center and Fallon County Mental Health Council – collaborated with the museum – Activity on Dec. 17 – orange and clove pomanders
    • 11 first Sunday, 3 second Sunday, 30 third Sunday
  • BEK TV – Commercial and episode on “My Hometown” on channel 24 Dish; Interest in Mike Madler book. 
  • Visit SEMT – Board Retreat in Miles City – great experience
  • Senior programming – No senior programming because of COVID; Michelle contacted Melissa about going back in January – will go Friday.
  • Maintenance – List given to Derrick DeHaan for maintenance items. Derrick already fixed screen doors in the Lambert house.
    • Traci thinks that vines should be cut – will decide in the spring
  • School programming – Missed Veteran’s Day so did Pearl Harbor instead
    • 6th grade Christmas Traditions – Alyson Lineback did Beth McElfresh again
    • 5th graders – Natural Resources lessons – Museum visit for that
    • 6th graders – Berlin Wall unit Friday
  • Job Description with Julie Straub – asked to change title from Curator to Director.
    • Asked them if they could change the name and they said no.
    • Did not change anything in the job description.
  • Commission – Had been working with people on time sheets
    • Steve said it did not matter how she got the hours.
    • Debbie said you can’t do four 10s. 
    • Schedule now is M-F 8-4; if for any reason that changes, text don’t email.
    • Toni makes a motion to allow Melissa to regulate her hours as necessary to accommodate special events or preparations and text the commissioners. Cheyanne seconded. Motion passed.
  • Grants and other: Amanda Williams sent a grant about Geospatial Skills Camp
  • Would like to advertise summer job earlier to get more applicants
  • Traci’s hours – restart first of July; if she works 50 to 60 hours the remaining hours, she will have 22.5 hours left.
  • Will be open seven days a week starting June 1, 2024.
  • Sabre asked about a STEM-based museum education grant (from MT History Foundation?) – needed a letter of support; will end up with a curriculum integrated into museum collections.
  • Sieler Schoolhouse project – letter of support; Mylen Bohle wants to move it and restore it; working on a grant – won’t have any obligation except for advice.
  • Shannon Johnson – SMART – asked for information about the history of the area for a revised website. – page for gift shop
  • Attendance: November 110; December 190. 
  • December FB insights: post reach was 2167
  • Total attendance for 2023 was 2665 – 34 states, 2 countries
  • MOMSI – Measurement of Museum Social Impact – they visit three times and collect data. Better than just measuring the number of people.
    • Recruiting from 80-100 households; need at least 60 people to visit three times between May and October; Can come during events. 
  • Architectural review – Feb. 1 at 9:30 SDI from Billings? will be here.
    • Will draw up the plans using the Historical Society grant money.
    • Will offer extra services for the full amount.
    • Go over expectations and deliverables for preliminary architectural report.
    • Scan with 3D building – can use for educational purposes.
  • Total volunteer hours – 614 for 2023
  • 2023 activities – need to go through and determine which events are important and which should not be done. Unless there is more help, some need to be eliminated.
  • Heritage Fest has a $10k line item. – Should we throw some money to Plevna’s event.
  • Plevna Jamboree will be in June 22, 2024
  • Ole Timer’s Ranch Rodeo – would like to start it up again; Curt used to do it.
    • Only people contacted are Dierk O’Connor and Will Bagley
    • The fair board used to do it. There is a set of rules to use. Last one was after centennial.
    • Get it on the agenda for Historical Society.

New Business

  • Accessions – Those voted yes are indicated. Linda made a motion and Curt seconded. Motion passed.
    • Betty Smeltzer – Boxes of items; Melissa visited and she told some great stories. YES
    • Madler Star Quilt – From Mike Madler – given from Lame Deer Cemetery work
      • Has information with interpretive panels
      • Could make a nice display – could put it in the display case with a story with metal plaque and information about Chief Dull Knife – YES

Next Meeting: 


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s\ Curt Williams, Chairman     s\ Recording Secretary, Linda Rost, Trustee